Quick Update

Well, as I write this, I’m not an employee of Swatch anymore. I moved on to a better place and with more responsibilities with the Smoothie place. So things with me have gone sour to say the least. I’m in the computer lab in school about to head home. I was here almost the whole afternoon trying to get my video project together which it seems like I won’t be able to turn it in on time. I’m very disappointed to say the least. I’m one that when I have an assignment due, I do it to the best of my ability. I don’t like missing due dates, but it happens I guess. But, unexpected things happen in life and you have to improvise. I did that when I was interviewing. A person didn’t want to give me an interview so I had to go to another store and interview that manager. As of right now, at 9:08pm, Monday night, July 30, 2012 of my 24th year, I’m just a student struggling to make it in life. I know basic skills I’ll need to know in the media world but I feel like it’s not enough. I try harder and harder trying to improve in every aspect of my life. I’m trying to be a better boyfriend. I’m trying to excel in all my classes while also giving my time for friends, family and alone time. It’s not an easy process but people before me, past students who are now professionals at what they do, probably went through what I’m going through. This is the struggle of trying to live a better life that everyone goes through. At least those people who are dedicated to reaching that goal. I’m craving success. I don’t want a job anymore. What I want is a successful career. A career that will get me to the top of my profession and let me build a family eventually. As of right now, I can’t do any of those things. Do I want to? Yes, just like every other human being. But I’m trying though and won’t give up until I reach the pinnacle of my profession. Where will I be in 10 years? Will I be living a great life, financially stable, happily married and being a father? God only knows I’m trying to get there in life. I think as a person, I put so much pressure on myself to get better at everything that I do. From being a better boyfriend to being the best student I can possibly be. Sometimes it takes a toll on you. But, we’ll see where I’m headed in life. Just hope it’s somewhere good.

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