Jury Duty

From July 16 to July 18, I had Jury Duty. I’ve heard so much negative things about it that I wasn’t too excited to go. With that being said, I went the first day with a whatever feeling. I stepped foot in the room. I brought some books to read as entertainment. But I wasn’t able to read it because in the span of an hour or two, my name was called. I was selected as a possible juror. An hour after this happened, I became a juror to a case that took three days. Wasn’t bad but it was super cold in the room. Anyway, about Swatch. I didn’t know I was going to serve three days until the judge selected me. The next day, on Tuesday, I went to work to talk to the manager that I was selected. I talked to a co-worker and she told me that the manager had walked out. I wrote a note and put it where she can see it. Co-worker said that the new manager is cutting hours from the old crew. I have 7 hours every week now. That just tells me that it’s time to find a new job. It’s also come to the point where I don’t really care about Swatch as sad as it sounds. Would you care if you worked only 7 hrs? Probably not. But until I find a new job, I’m going to commit my duties as a Swatch employee. Back to my note. I wrote that I was a juror and had to attend on Wednesday morning. There was a problem though. That morning, earlier today, I worked at 11. Jury Duty was at 9:45 and I couldn’t miss. I told her to call but she never did. Oh well. Guess I’ll go tomorrow to talk to her. Update with new information later.

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