Interviewing over the weekend

Hello! It’s me again. Remember when I told you guys that I would be interviewing over the weekend? How am I going to do that you ask? Well, to answer that question, it’s quite simple really. But first let me explain how my day started. I woke up around 10:30-11am. I got up, drank some orange juice, brushed my teeth and lied in bed for a good 30 minutes. I finally got up after the 30 minutes, took a shower and headed out to FIU (the place where I’m currently studying). When I got there, I talked to Rod, who is the equipment guy at FIU. He seemed nice. I rented out a recorder for the interviews I will be conducting over the weekend. I’ll post up the picture up once I’m done writing. He asked for vehicle insurance, which I totally forgot. That’s actually my mistake. I ran to the car, got it and came back. He gave me the equipment and I was all set to go. I left and went home. Now I’m here in my parent’s room writing this blog post. Interviews will be done in a few days and I’ll post it up on here. Enjoy your long 3-day weekend and thanks someone who’s a veteran or currently serving.


The recorder which I will be using to interview over the weekend.

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