Rain, rain go away!

Haven’t worked in a few days, but that’s fine for now.  Everyone’s schedule has been diminished due to the rain. I think I’ve had like a week off or so. I’ll be at Swatch on Saturday and Sunday so if anyone wants to check me out and what I do exactly, feel free to pass by. Judging by the amount of rain we’ve had in Miami for the past week or so, business must be going slow ; That’s a downside working at an outdoor mall. When it pours at Lincoln Road, we have very few traffic. Who wants to walk outside and buy stuff when it’s raining? To be honest with you, not a lot of people. But people are different so you’ll occasionally see a few people getting rained on. I guess they simply don’t care. What do you guys say? Would you shop on a rainy day?

Over the weekend, I have to conduct two interviews. Should be fun since I’ve learned a few tricks to interviewing people. I’ll ask the guys at work if they don’t mind participating in my project. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll post up the interview on here by next week. Stay tuned!

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