“Are you a Journalist?”

As I sit here listening to the rain pour, I can’t help but wonder what the teacher thought of my project. I have the perfect theme for my website, and I feel like I can get amazing content for the site. I can take pictures next time I work of the new watches that came out yesterday. And I can put a calendar on my site that depicts when new watches might be coming out. As well as some pictures. Lately at work, it’s been going slow. I have certain goals to meet but I can’t because of the lack of traffic we have at Swatch. Our clientele are mostly people from Argentina and Brazil. We have so many that it’s come to the point where I can distinguish who’s Argentinian and Brazilian just by hearing their accents. These people come to our store because in their country, these watches are much more expensive. I had a lady approach me last night telling me how Swatch might not even exist in Argentina anymore due to the government. She told me that the government is greedy and want the money for themselves. It’s quite sad to hear something like that, but there are greedy people out there in the world. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about it.


And just to tell you guys about a customer experience I had last night. A man and his wife came through our doors last night. It was my turn to greet them. “Hello, Good Evening. Welcome to Swatch,” I told them. “Hello” they answered back. I asked where they were from and the gentleman asked me, “Are you a journalist?” with a smile on his face. I guess it’s because I was asking too many questions. He looked around for a minute and walked away. That moment stands out to me for some reason. I guess it’s because it resonates with what I’m studying.

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