May 14, 2012

So after class yesterday, I talked to my professor. I asked him about what hard drive he suggest I buy. He recommended a few. After a minute or so, I left and went to Best Buy immediately to buy my hard drive. I bought one that was worth $80. It has 500 GB so I think that’s a good one that I can use for class. After, I went home and read for a bit. I fell asleep for an hour or two in my parent’s bedroom. It’s so nice and warm  back here. They have no A.C. The thing that keeps them cool is the fan overhead. I come here often to read, watch NBA basketball or to get away from distraction. I come here often that I should ask my parents to keep this room for myself. The room was built a few years ago and I still remember when there  was nothing here. Just empty space with a backyard. Dad built it in the idea of renting it to a friend for extra cash. In the end, he kept it for himself and mom.

Before I started typing this entry, I was reading a book given to me by my ex-girlfriend. I never dared reading it because at the time, I really thought I didn’t need to. Now as my life gets more difficult, it helps me out. The book is called “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. It’s a good book. It’s meant to be read in 40 days with each day teaching you something new. I started the 14 of May 2012; I should be done by next month. The time now is 1:42 pm on a Wednesday afternoon. In a few hours, I should be leaving the house going to work at Swatch. Update you guys with a new post tomorrow. Now, back to reading!

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